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Corporate Policy:
The whole team has the value concept of selfless dedication, pioneering and self-promotion.
Our success is to play our profession to cooperate with the clients, and contribute to the society with the greatest value. We are good corporate citizens, and we feel unlimited pride.
To ensure the third-party inspection services industry leadership and let every employee continues to get promotion and value recognition, we never stop learning, and never are satisfied with the status quo. We are always been innovating, creating an open corporate culture.
We insist on the importance of encouraging the team spirit. In our company, the wisdom work must be recognized and rewarded.

Company's Business Principle:
We stick to integrity, always keep neutral, and deal with all kinds of cases practically.
We advocate AEI brand throughout our daily behavior and attitude, we provide customers with excellent and accurate service, and always respect the privacy of customers and individuals.
We insist on the work environment in which we respect each other, we advocate the diversity of the staff, and absolutely do not tolerate any discrimination.

Message to Employees:
In order to defend our AEi brand, we hope that all of our employees abide by the professional ethics from the view of maintaining the long-term interests of the Company and the community.
We require that all staff, when they are aware of a conflict of interest between themselves or the company, always escort the customer to win the market with a professional, accurate, fast and enthusiastic total quality assurance service to become the most trusted and total quality assurance partner of our customers.